Dalai Lama to Myanmar, Sri Lanka Buddhists: Stop violence against Muslims

Dalai Lama

(CNN) — Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama has made a renewed call for Buddhists in Myanmar and Sri Lanka to cease violence towards the countries’ Muslim minorities, in an address delivered on his 79th birthday.

Speaking before tens of thousands of Buddhists, including Hollywood actor Richard Gere, the exiled Buddhist leader implored the faithful in the majority-Buddhist countries to refrain from such attacks.


2 replies

  1. Dalai Lama’s call appreciable.

    All human being irrespective of religion, caste, sex, colour, boundary should co-operative with each other.All should mutually live and enjoy the greatness of life.

  2. I am surprised. We had been told that followers of Budha do not like to kill even an ant. The Sri Lanka Buddhists do not seem to follow Hazrat Budha, the very symbol love and peace. It is all due to politics. They are not able to face Islam.

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