Amir of Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission Ghana, Late Dr Moulvi Abdul Wahab bin Adam as I knew Him

By Zubair Khan

Since 1993, loving and informal relations existed between me and late Dr A Wahab Adam, Amir of Ahmadiyya Muslim Mission (AMM) Ghana. Every year we used to meet on the eve of either UK or German Jalsa. There was something very special in his personality which always attracted me towards him where ever and whenever I used to meet him. This short lived meeting always culminated wishing each other hello hello and requesting for prayers. During 2011-203 I flew to Ghana several times. Academy of Medical Science (AMS) Germany deputed me to coordinate the conduct of dental surgery course which AMS had planned with University of Ghana Dental School. It was a unique course for Ghanaian Dental surgeons in the field of oral surgery in which, after having obtained the permission of Supreme head of AMJ, AMM Ghana was fully incorporated. Due to very close cooperation between AMS Germany and AMM Ghana, our mutual relationship became very personal and cordial. In him I found an extremely good   natured, faithful, jolly and ever smiling human being. Last year in a dream I saw current Khaliftul Masih (Be Allah his supporter) while delivering sermon on TV uttered these words, “Amir of Ghana is an heavenly personality” This dream further raised his stature in my heart and mind.

While walking through the corridors of AMM Ghana, which is decorated with many unique pictures of Dr Wahab Aadam,  one gets surprised how amicably Dr Wahab served not only AMM Ghana but his country also. He was in fact a distinctive champion of religious harmony, humanity and peace. In current era if I call Ghana as a role model of religious harmony and peace loving nation not only in African rather in whole world it will be 100% true statement. A visit of many groups belonging to USA and other developed countries to study the society of Ghana further authenticates this claim. In order to achieve this stature of Ghana, Dr Wahab Adam contributed tremendously. He narrated me one incident. In Ghana there exists one National Peace Council. All matters of national importance which can cause societal unrest are referred to this council for arbitration and settlement. Few years’ back national election took place. One political party won the election with extremely lower margin. Opposition complained rigging of elections and in whole country atmosphere of unrest erupted. Matter was referred to peace council for consideration. After deliberations of various details voting took place. Surprisingly peace council got divided equally for pro and contra claims leaving aside final vote of chairperson as the deciding vote. In that session Dr Wahab was the chair person. According to his political affiliations/understanding he was considered on the side of the party complaining the rigging in elections. Being chairperson he adjourned the meeting and asked for pause. In the intermission he once again went through the main details of the case and bowed his head to Almighty for granting him the wisdom and courage to cast his vote for the best cause of his nation. Basing on his understanding of the matter and guidance from God on resumption of meeting casted his vote in favour of the party not affiliated to his political thoughts. His surprising but just act was later appreciated by all and it resulted in restoration of peace all over the Ghana.

Even for the current Government of Ghana the peace council has played the lead role to which Dr Wahab was the key member. On the eve of recently held elections complaints for rigging caused eruption of protest all over Ghana. Dr Wahab along with other members of Peace council appeared on National TV and through discussions and appeals convinced the protesting nation go back to work and let the matter to be resolved by supreme court. People sheer out of respect listened to his advises and later whatever decision came from Supreme Court was accepted by all concerned. Due to his loyalty and just approach he always enjoyed a very high status in all the segments of Ghanaian society. Last year during Presidential ceremony he fainted due to heat. Immediately President of the country arranged his evacuation to 37 military hospitals and even visited him personally to inquire his wellbeing.

In 2013 along with other members of AMS when I visited Ghana he was found sick and weak. Some unusual and severe pain in lower abdomen he complained. Director of AMS Doctor Muzafar Bajwa as well other visiting professor of Goethe University Frankfurt suggested him to visit Germany for detailed check-up. After few weeks he came to Germany. Fortunately I was picked up to coordinate all his activities during his short stay in Germany. A very loyal and devoted Ahmadi Doctor Mr Umar Hameed carried out all his tests and check-ups. However when all results came in Dr Bajwa and Dr Omar got worried and suggested for further tests through advanced specialists. Dr Omar made all the arrangements and I took Dr Wahab to specialist clinic. He was exposed to many tests and check-ups. Later when results came the examining Doctor called me also inside and in my presence told him about Pancreas cancer. He also informed him that no cure exists for it and patient of this cancer dies within six months. After listening to Doctor he just smiled and said He has one God and also has his spiritual head who always pray for him. In case God decides so he will be happy even to die. After seeing his belief in God, peace of mind and trust in prayers the specialist Doctor was extremely surprised. After check ups he stayed in Germany for few days and visited many places including newly built Jamea. While visiting Jamea Germany he was very enthusiastic. Principal Moulana Shamshad extended him very warm welcome and guided his detailed tour of Jamea. During his whole stay of Germany and visits to various places Dr Wahab never indicated an iota of worry about his disease. Rather he went everywhere smilingly and never changed his jolly and smiling nature. Later on the instructions of Khalifatul Masieh (Be Allah his supporter) he went to UK. During his stay in London I visited him once and found him extremely happy and busy in Jamaat service. He had become almost a frequent participant of MTA program Faith Matters. Later he was very happy as beloved Hazure Aqdas (Be Allah his supporter) invited his wife also to join him in UK. In February-2014 he went back to Ghana. Few times we did talk on telephone while he was in Ghana. However few weeks prior to his death the connection discontinued due to his health problem. And then we heard this unique son of Ahmadiyya and Ghana went on his eternal journey. Inna lillahe wa Inna elaihe rajeoon. Ahmadiyya Muslim community is extremely sad on this sad demise so is the Ghana. All segments of Ghanaian society departed him with tears in eyes. In whole life if one sincerely strives to achieve the pleasure of Almighty and endeavour to make the fellow being happy on death of such human being not only humanity cries but also the whole universe. Oh departed soul though we shall miss you very much but we pray God Almighty may bestow His mercy and bounties on you. Amin.

7 replies

  1. Zubair sahab, thanks for your nice contribution about late Abdul Wahab Adam sahab.
    May Allah bless eternal peace to his departed soul (Aameen).

  2. Nice artical about our beloved Amir sahib Ghana.May Allah grant him place with His beloved people.Jazakomullah for nice memories.

  3. Dear Zubair Khan Sahab! Nice memories about one of the well known servants of Islam-Ahmadiyyat. You are lucky enough to have it all. May Allah rest his soul in highest rank in Jannah.

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