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  1. In the Name of Allah the Most Gracious Ever Merciful
    Abhee kuch log baaqee hain jihan main, Still their people (having heart and feelings) in the world. Rawal Tv., bilaa takalluf Tahir Goura and Arshed Mahmood Sahiban Zindbad. Insaniat (humanity) Zindabad
    First Religian is the humanity, if there is no humanity there is no religion. As who does not thank people, does not thank his Lord Allah, so we are thankful for presenting such a good program while they both admitted that are not ahmadies, so they even more deserve our thanks. Jazahomullho taalaa Khiara fid-dunya wal-Akherah.The BBC Presented a beautiful proverb, some person around me start beating (killing) someone, I donot care it, then another person was beaton I do not care saying not my business, then it was my own tern so no one left to care for me. The BBC Zindabad.
    As I have mentioned in my previous postings Islam is secular in its approach to other religions, we must raise our voice against atrocities committed against in any human beeing he may be belonging to any religion we must stand against it.
    Shaheed is always living and every drop of him is speeking for him and for others. Dr. Mahdi Ali Qamar Zindabad.
    Zarif Ahmad

  2. May Allah Almighty elevate the soul of the Shaheed Doctor in Eternal Paradise and grant patience and steadfastness to the bereaved family ameen.

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