A Short History of Blasphemy

BBC: Why is blasphemy such a big issue in Pakistan? It’s constantly in the headlines – BBC Urdu’s Amber Shamsi tracks the history of blasphemy in Pakistan while satirist Mohammed Hanif breaks down how one can or can’t blaspheme in Karachi. 

Mixtape: Togo 
BBC Afrique’s music journalist Ata Ahli Ahebla spins another Fifth Floor mixtape – this time from Togo. He gives his favourite four tracks spanning 40 years of Togolese music, including Toofan, Bella Bellow, Peter Solo and Elom Vince 

Sexual Harassment in Egypt 
Earlier this month, Egypt passed a law addressing one of the country’s worst epidemics – sexual harassment. From Cairo, Angy Ghannam reports on what women do to avoid being grabbed and groped, and the lengths that some go to protect themselves in the streets. 

Election Oddities 
In the Egyptian elections this week voting was extended, train fares were waived and a public holiday was declared in order to tempt the people out to vote. On Saturday, Syria will be holding its own elections with a whole different set of challenges – Bashar al-Assad is widely expected to win but the question is by how much. In previous campaigns his family has reached the lofty heights of 95% of the vote, and this is the first time in decades that Syria is holding a presidential election with more than one candidate. Journalists Murad Shishani and Shahida Tulaganova discuss some of the more unusual elections of past and present from around the world. 


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