Violent persecution in Pakistan marginalizes its citizens

The Windsor Star: letter by Dr. Kashif Ahmed —

The future of Pakistan rests in the hands of its citizens. These citizens must ask themselves one question. What kind of Pakistan do they want to live in? One where people have equal rights, freedom of worship, an independent judicial system and a civil democratic government, or one where people are murdered in broad daylight simply because of their beliefs?

Dr. Mehdi Ali was the latest victim in a country that doesn’t have its priorities straight. He was a visiting cardiologist from the U.S. and a Canadian citizen who was killed while providing volunteer medical care in his home country, simply because he was a member of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. I belong to this community and its one of many minority groups facing violent persecution in Pakistan.

The government is not solely responsible. The citizens must ask themselves, why do blasphemy laws exist? Why does their constitution marginalize rather than protect its citizens? Why are conviction rates so low? And why are religious extremists allowed to preach hate openly? There must be demands for universal justice, or else persecution against innocent people will continue to accelerate.

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