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ACCLAIMED journalist Robert Fisk was in Enniskerry recently, where he was interviewed by David McWilliams for a live and enraptured audience.

Nelofer Pazira, Robert Fisk and Jessica Carey.

Nelofer Pazira, Robert Fisk and Jessica Carey.

Fisk lives and works in the Lebanon, basing his existence around a flat in Beirut. He is the Middle Eastern correspondent for The Independent and author of several books.

His vast knowledge was at the disposal of the crowd gathered in the Summerhill House Hotel, where he spoke about his distinguished career, which has included speaking to Osama Bin Laden, and regularly putting his life at risk and the volatile political climate in a vast area.

A controversial figure, Fisk is fiercely passionate about his subject matter and insists his bias is only towards the innocent victim in any given situation.

The evening was organised by Enniskerry Heart Savers and was completely sold out.

The Cardiac First Response Group was started in September 2013. ‘Our aim is to provide accessible Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) in public places, to teach members of the community how to provide CPR, and to act as first response to patients in the area who are suffering with cardiac issues while an ambulance is on its way,’ explained group Chairman Pat Carey.

‘Given the remoteness of our village and surrounding areas, not to mention the poor access especially in winter months, this service is extremely important.’

Both David McWilliams and Robert Fisk were at the event in Enniskerry free of charge.

Thanks to individual sponsorship and fundraising they now have three AEDs and one heated cabinet in the area.

With help from Joe Dowling from the Irish Heart Foundation they have over 100 locals trained in CPR and AED use. This training was provided free of charge to the community. These AED’s are located in The Powerscourt Arms Hotel, Curtlestown School and Keegan’s Farm Shop.

‘We will be working under the umbrella group Wicklow Cardiac First Responders (WWCFR) and thanks to them in early April, 9 locals completed a two days course and are now fully trained First Responders,’ said Pat. ‘Our next aim is to purchase training equipment and supplies for trained First Responders who will be on call with the central ambulance control.’

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