Is Richard Dawkins leading people to Jesus or Muhammad?


And most of them follow nothing but conjecture. Surely, conjecture avails nothing against truth. Indeed, Allah is well aware of what they do.

And this Quran is not such as might be devised by any one except Allah. On the contrary, it fulfils that which is before it and is an exposition of the Law of God. There is no doubt about it. It is from the Lord of the worlds.  (Al Quran 10:37-38)

Prof. Richard Dawkins in priestly disguise

Prof. Richard Dawkins in priestly disguise

By Zia H Shah MD, Chief Editor of the Muslim Times

Damian Thompson, Editor of Telegraph Blogs and a columnist for the Daily Telegraph, wrote in a recent columnIs Richard Dawkins leading people to Jesus?:

My schoolfriend Michael – an atheist for decades – rang me the other night and told me he’d returned to the Catholic Church. “And you’ll never guess who converted me,” he said.

“Your wife?”

“No! It was Richard Dawkins!”

He explained that he was, and is, a huge admirer of Dawkins the biologist. (I’m with him there: I read The Blind Watchmaker when it first came out and was blown away.) “But then I read The God Delusion and it was… total crap. So bad that I started questioning my own atheism. Then he started tweeting.”

Like a loony on top of the bus, no?


Funnily enough, this is the second time in a week that I’ve heard of Richard Dawkins leading someone to Christ.

Damian Thompson writing, I found was the worst form of wishful thinking, of cherry picking, of bringing to focus, what you like and completely ignoring anything and every thing that does not fit your preconceived conclusions.

He, for example, completely ignored that Richard Dawkins has successfully demolished, the ideas of vicarious atonement and Original Sin, which are the very foundation of Christianity, in his debates, with Christian apologists.

Let me link two examples here:

In the following debate, Prof. Richard Dawkins has one of his better moments, in the beginning, in this debate, Cardinal George Pell, when he says that it is senseless to believe that God had to come to earth on a suicidal mission and again around 34 minutes mark into the debate, when he asks the question, if Adam and Eve did not exist, where did Original Sin come from? Both these questions, the Muslim theologians do not have to face.

In the following debate, with Prof. John Lennox, Dawkins again buries the Christian dogma in powerful terms, very eloquently, again in the opening statement of this debate:

I believe that Prof. Richard Dawkins is leading people to Muhammad, may peace be on him, unintentionally, of course, and I can systematically prove it.

In these debates and else where, the Christian apologists want to make a case for Christianity based on laws of nature and science, by showing that there ought to be a Transcendent Creator of our universe.  They make this case, in one breath, and in the very next, deny all of science, by insisting on Eucharist, man-God of Jesus, who is not Transcendent, resurrection and miracles that violate laws of nature.

Atheists are right in exposing the irrationality of the Christian dogma. However, the Christians are right in as far as their claim that there needs to be a Creator of this universe, Who employed natural means to do His work. However, both parties in their self-conceit are not listening to how Islam resolves their conflict; Islam as understood by the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.

In a trilateral discussion between atheists, Christians and Muslims, I believe we can appreciate reality better and come up with better theology, especially if the discussion not only involves the Creator and purpose of the universe, but, also His complete TranscendenceOriginal Sin and evolution of life on our planet, Trinity, Mother Mary, and Eucharist.

Additional Reading

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2 replies

  1. Prof. Richard Dawkins interviewed by a Muslim, for Al-Jazeera

    Incidently, the Ahmadiyya Muslim understanding of Meeraje of the Holy Prophet Muhammad, may peace be on him, is an elaborate spiritual experience and they do not define it in physical terms.

  2. REASON!

    The Noble Qur’an, continually, appeals to Reason. So,
    one day Prof. Richard Dawkins might find his way to TAUHID,via Reason, InshaAllah.

    THE ALMIGHTY knows best, HE is The Possessor of Foreknowledge.

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