Israel shows Zionism’s true colors


by Rami G. Khouri

This week, the Israeli Transportation Ministry announced that it would establish designated bus routes for Palestinians in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, allowing Jewish Israelis to travel on buses without Palestinians.

The creation of bus routes for Palestinians alongside other routes that Jewish Israelis and settlers use will certainly strengthen criticisms of Israel and expand the circles of those who condemn it for conducting policies that are very reminiscent of how apartheid South Africa treated its black and colored citizens. The Israeli government argues that bus routes for Palestinians are for their own good and will ease congestion, while also lowering tensions between Palestinians and Israelis using the same buses.

Separating Palestinian Christians from other Palestinians and operating bus lines only for Arabs will make it easier for people around the world, including Jews who feel strongly about Judaism’s ethical core, to speak out clearly, forcefully and in public in criticism of such Israeli actions.

Some people will conclude that Israel is veering off into strange and dangerous paths, and others will suggest that it is merely showing the heretofore hidden true colors of Zionism.

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  1. Rafiq,
    Israel cannot be faulted for being security conscious and any comparison with what happened in South Africa is preposterous.
    The world has done nothing to prevent Jewish passengers from being blown up by people brain washed to think nothing other than the destruction of Israel.
    Those who criticize Israel refuse to acknowledge that the Palestinians fair far better in Israel than they ever do in any Arab country. Yet there is no comparison between what happens in those Arab countries and what took place in apartheid South Africa.
    If creating separate routes for travelers elicits condemnation, then late Saudi Arabia be condemned for creating separate routes in Mecca for muhammadans and non muhammadans.
    It is very easy to wield the big stick on the weak while the strong, who commits a similar or more serious offense, is patted on the back. That is what the world is doing.

  2. @Namelee. There is nothing in the article which mentions Saudi Arabia and the routes in Mecca nor praise for that. So please stop making hasty generalisations. Furthermore, what’s happening in Israel is a par to Apartheid. Period. And last but not least, True Islam – the culmination of the main Abrahamic religions as revived by the Promised Messiah and Mahdi, Mirza Ghulam Ahmad (as) meaning ‘ Love for all, hatred for none’ ( I have Jewish, Christian, Hindu, atheist colleagues and I’m friendly, and kind to them as my religion true Islam guides me to. And this has LED them to be the same to me) ) For more please see http://www.alislam. org, for the sake of human intelligence.
    And why is this relevant to you – we Ahmadi Muslims believe in all Prophets of God and the original Torah and Bible as brought about by Prophet Moses and Prophet Jesus, peace be upon them. Hence, when you use the terminology ‘muhammadan and non-muhammadan’, it is seen as disrespecting yourself and not all people who believe in Prophet Muhammad (peace and Blessings of God be upon him).

  3. The Talmud is pinnacle of most Zionist decisions, as such they cant live in equality among other human races as Talmud says the people of Israel is superior than all.

    What they tend to forget is covenant had been given to Children of Noah for they were chosen too before. The same goes for Children of Israel centuries later. Ater not listening to prophets, they were punished and exiled. As long as they kept on living under the belief of killing other races and not listening to the warnings of prophets. Their heart will always be in ‘blind’ state.

  4. Humaira Latif,
    Read my comment again and see how Saudi Arabia has come into it. If Israel is condemned for creating separate routes for Palestinians, then the same condemnation goes to Saudi Arabia for creating different routes for muhammadans and non-muhammadans.
    The Saudis were the first to do that. So start your apartheid comparison or condemnation from there.
    As for calling you ‘muhammadans’, Muhammad himself started it when he referred to his cohorts as the ‘followers of Muhammad’. In Article VI of the agreement signed on 3 January, 1919 between Dr Chaim Weizmann and Emir Faisal, it was provided :”THE MUHAMMADAN HOLY PLACES SHALL BE UNDER MUHAMMADAN CONTROL”. The emir signed it with his eyes wide open. As recently as about a week ago, I saw a similar reference on TMT. It seems to have been taken down now.
    I do not believe in your Muhammad and if calling his followers after him is disrespecting them, then they should know who to blame. I am only following precedent.
    You keep on talking about the ‘original Torah and the Bible’ without producing them. What stops you from doing so if you are convinced that something different from what circulates now exists?

  5. Nadi,
    What does the quran say about muhammadans in relation to other people? If by exalting the people of Israel higher than others the Talmud is in error, the same applies to the quran. Condemn it too.

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