The Beginner’s Mind and the Mind of God

Huff Post: by Rabbi Geoffery A. Mitelman —

Duquesne University in Pittsburgh is a Catholic university with schools of both theology and sciences, which means that people in different departments often develop friendships across disciplines. Joyce Konigsburg, a doctoral student in theology, got to know Dr. Kevin Tidgewell, a professor of Medicinal Chemistry, and they discovered a shared interest in thinking about how our minds influence the way we live in this world.

After all, we human beings don’t experience the world as it is — we experience the world through the filter of our minds. How we look at and think about the world informs the way we act in it, which then informs the way both religion and science are practiced.

So as part of Sinai and Synapses’ series “More Light, Less Heat,” both Konigsburg and Tidgewell share how they see the relationship between religion and science.

Joyce Konisgburg explains how the wonderment of science helps her connect with what she sees as “the mind of God”:


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