Time to Try a Third Way in Bosnia

Source: Balkan Insight:

Note by the Editor: These days posted in newly opened mission in Croatia. Getting in depth knowledge of situation prevailing in Balkan states.

The blockage of Bosnia’s EU path was formalized at the press conference of the European Commissioner for Enlargement, Stefan Fule, in Sarajevo on February 18, after the last round of negotiations to amend the constitution in line with the European Court of Human Rights’ Sejdic-Finci ruling failed.

If the news did not get much attention at home or internationally, it was because it long time ago became clear that Bosnia’s EU accession process was stuck in the mire of the local political games.

Whether out of generosity, naivety or some other reason, Fule “ran a few more laps” over the last few months, but since Bosnia’s own leaders did not move forward, he had finally to declare defeat.


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  1. “Meanwhile,Bosnia is also preparing for a general election this year, which traditionally
    means the strengthening of radical rhetoric, the spread of nationalist and
    secessionist threats, the revival of conspiracy theories and constant shifts of
    the blame to the others and issues of empty promises about better times to
    Overall article has some material to ponder. However main issue remains the change of
    local mind-set. For 2010 in all, 39 parties and 11 coalitions participated
    in the elections. Most main political parties were set up along ethnic lines:
    Bosniak, Croats and Serbs. Only one major party, the SDP, led by Mr. Zlatko Lagumdzija(Bosniak), drew multi-ethnic support from moderate Bosniaks, Serbs and Croats living in predominantly Bosniak-populated areas. Men got 35 seats while women were contended with 7 seats. 9 seats for up to age of 40 years while 33 seats went to elderly people.
    Above state of affairs is horrible. If Bosnia again going in elections with same mind set its doom day will be approaching fast. All over globe young generation is playing important role to get rid of filthy politicians. BiH also needs such drastic changes in
    its political field. Some young political party with young leaders having mind-set
    to forget the past and to offer forgiveness like general amnesty. Sincere love
    for all and hatred for none to be the main point on the manifest of this young
    political party. Each living in BiH to feel proud to be called as citizen of BiH
    and discrimination on the basis of ethnicity and nationality to be abolished.
    With this mind-set if BiH goes in election there will be hope. Contrary to it
    indicates no light at the end of the tunnel. Sincere and honest love with each other are the foundation stones for the development of any nation. If hatred, based on ethnicity or nationality, prevails among sons of the soil neither US nor EU can do anything for BiH. First and foremost is the positive reformation in the mind-set of the local people.

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