Islamic Family Values In An Anti-Family Society

Mission Islam: by Sahar Kassaimah —

In Sura’tul Al Nahl (Sura 16) in the Qur’an, Allah (SWT) says, “And Allah has made for you in your homes an abode.”

What does the home represent to the Muslim family? Is it a place where family members can relate to one another and where they sincerely enjoy being together; where they have a sense of shared beliefs and values, and their behavior is based on Islamic principles? Is it a place where family members are protected, happy and kind to one another?

The home should not be just a place where people eat, rest and sleep; indeed, the home is the place where we spend most of our time, and where families spend most of their time together. It is the place where husbands and wives can be alone together. Therefore, the home is a place where families should worship together, and it should be based on Allah’s (SWT) rules and guidance. It has been reported by Ibn Abi Aldunia and others (Sahih al-Jaami) that, “When Allah loves the people of a household, he introduces kindness among them.”

The question we face now is: “In an age in which the world has changed profoundly, from being a basically pro-family to anti-family society, how many Muslim homes possess these beautiful qualities? It is time to stop and re-examine our family situations to determine to what degree they have been affected by our larger society.

Although it is difficult to obtain statistical information pertaining specifically to the healthiness of Muslim homes, several different sources and the occurrence of certain situations in our community indicate that Muslim families are also experiencing social and personal problems as well.

Consider that there has been a marked increase within our community in the following: 1) separation and divorce rates; 2) the percentage of families headed by a single parent; 3) teenagers; 4) disagreements, tension and conflict among married couples; 5) intergenerational conflict; 6) the rate of depression, particularly among wives; 7) domestic violence involving teens.


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