Is full-blown invasion of predominantly Russian speaking eastern parts of Ukraine in pipe line?

Source: CNN

(CNN) — Lots of stern-faced Western politicians and so-called experts have been asking: what is Russian President Vladimir Putin’s endgame in Ukraine?The presence of Russian troops in Crimea has sent alarm bells ringing in Western capitals, with some people predicting that it is basically a prelude to a full-blown invasion of predominantly Russian speaking eastern parts of the country, with Russian tanks rolling in. Calls were also made for the “world community,” whatever that means these days, to punish Russia economically and diplomatically, although no one is talking about any military response.


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  1. When USA and Europe are confronted with forces in possession of nuclear arms, they resort to diplomatic warfare. North Koreans and Russians know this fact very well. Exchange of heavy words and oratory salvos will be fired from USA and Europe but with no result on ground.Very soon the Russian tanks will be rolling in whole of Eastern Ukraine. West will go to Europe and East to Russia. Of course the strategic interest of bi gs will be discussed and agreed to.

  2. if Ukraine falls, Russia will be next to fall. putin will never allow that. America and Europe have taken a very big gamble in forcing their hand in Ukraine. I fear Russia will go to any length to confront this threat. they have made calculated moves which give the impression that they had been planned beforehand, as if the Russians were aware of what was going to happen. their response has been complete, calculated and swift.

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