Day: March 9, 2014

No English, Gambia decides

      Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan (front R) welcomes Gambia’s President Yahya Jammeh upon arrival at the Abuja International Conference Center, venue of Nigeria’s centenary celebration, on February 27, 2014. (Reuters/Afolabi Sotunde)   THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Published — Monday 10 March 2014 Last update 10 March 2014 5:01 am […]

Joint Arab push to crush terror urged

      Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister Prince Saud al-Faisal attends the opening of an Arab foreign ministers emergency meeting to discuss the Syrian crisis and President Bashar al-Assad’s regime, at the Arab League headquarters in Cairo on Sunday. (Reuters)   CAIRO: ARAB NEWS Published — Monday 10 March 2014 […]

Western leaders cannot face a ‘looming’ war. So I guess they’ll patch something up – and let Russia gobble part of Ukraine – The Russkies are not going to be shaking in their boots at sanctions

BY ROBERT FISK, THE INDEPENDENT     Share 182 85  4   For some reason, our last century’s two world wars started rather far from home. I bet that most people in January 1914 couldn’t find Sarajevo on a map. But then again, how many of us – really, I […]

Read the Holy Qur’an – Message to Mankind from the Lord Almighty – In Telugu

Source: Contact Ahmadiyya Muslim Community IndiaEmail:;; muskurahat6@yahoo.comWebsite: Email: info@alislam.orgPhone: (0) 1872 220093 — 91-33-22900717 — 91-1872-220139 — 08968120063 Fax – 91-1872-220105 OR 91-33-22802162 Ask Islam 1800-3010-2131 (TOLL FREE) (9:00 AM – 11:00 PM) [27:7] Verily, […]

The earliest biography of Muhammad, by ibn Ishaq / ibn Hisham

Abu Muhammad ‘Abd al-Malik bin Hisham (Arabic: أبو محمد عبدالمالك بن هشام‎), or Ibn Hisham edited the biography of Muhammad written by Ibn Ishaq.[2] Ibn Ishaq’s work is lost and is now only known in the recensions of Ibn Hisham and al-Tabari.[3] The earliest biography of Muhammad, by ibn Ishaq / ibn Hisham  early_life   khadija   revelation  the_helpers  night_journey  permission_to_wage_war hijra  medina  the_qibla  rajam  the_trinity  badr  uhud  banu_nadir  aisha_sufwan the_trench  banu_qurayza  pilgrimage khaybar  pilgrimage_of_retaliation conquest_of_mecca  hawazin  byzantium last_illness INTRODUCTION It […]