Day: March 29, 2014

Sheer idiocy of the statement

Source: ET It was some consolation to see most political leaders condemn it. However, some introspection and perspective is required. Mr Imran Khan recently came up with the remarkable assertion that the “Taliban do not want to enforce Sharia on gunpoint and only want to liberate us from America’s war”. […]

Attack on Pasni radar installation

Source: ET A military radar. PHOTO: WIKICOMMONS QUETTA: A group of armed men disguised in security forces’ uniform attacked the international radar in the coastal town of Pasni, Gwadar district on Saturday evening killing one Balochistan Constabulary official and injuring another.  At least 12 armed men attacked the Constabulary personnel guarding […]

Russia’s Military Begins Massive Nuclear War Drill

The Diplomat: by Zachary Keck — While much Western attention has been bestowed on Russia’s military buildup near Ukraine, Moscow also began a massive nuclear offensive exercise on Thursday. According to the Russian daily Nezavisimaya Gazeta, on Thursday Russia’s Strategic Missile Forces began a massive three-day exercise involving 10,000 soldiers and […]

Kyrgyzstan: The Next Ukraine?

The Diplomat: by Baktybek Bashimov and Ryskeldi Satke — Kyrgyzstan was once known for its Tulip Revolution, a name the followed the trend of color-coded revolutions in Georgia and Ukraine. The ouster of the corrupt regime of President Askar Akayev in 2005 gave those Kyrgyz aspiring for a better future cause […]