Should we stop telling the truth?

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Source: Editorial by Express Tribune

Another voice of sanity was attacked on March 28. Another journalist assaulted. Another member of the Express Group family saw his life flash before his eyes. TV anchor and widely-respected analyst Raza Rumi may have survived, but his driver did not. It is an old tale told afresh. What remains to be said?

Shall we point out that this is the fifth attack on the Express Group in eight months, leaving four dead and many wounded and scores afraid for their lives? Shall we say that the previous attacks still await action by the authorities in Karachi, Peshawar and now Quetta? Shall we, once again, throw out the statistic of 47 Pakistani journalists having been murdered over the last decade in targeted attacks, or reiterate that, until March, not a single conviction had taken place — and that too without uncovering the larger conspiracy? Or, dear reader, shall we just close shop, keeping in mind that we are no longer safe telling the truth and the state clearly cannot, or may not want to, provide us protection or even justice? Shall we, once again, refer to the words of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif just days ago wherein he pledged that his government would do all to protect journalists and ensure that perpetrators of such cowardly violence would be brought to book with the help of special prosecutors and other ways?


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  1. A country where state sponcered terrorism is going on, who can say that yhey are safe. Only Allah is the protector of innocent people in Pakistan. Specially, now many Ahmadies are being targetted and killed in pakistan but it is not reported in medea nor suthorities has any interest in taking action against those prople. Not a single case has been solved. The attack in two of Ahmadiyya mosques in Lahore, where more than 90 people were martired and some culprits were caught redhanded by the unarmed brave Ahmadies youngters, but what happened to them, where are those terrorists. They are protected under the umdrella of Nawas family in Raiwind. We can not expect any good will happen from this Nawas govrnment as far as Ahmadies are concerned.

    Only Allah will protect us from these evils.

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