King wanted to take the Quincy’s cook for himself

Source: CNN.Com

For his part, King Abdul Aziz so enjoyed his meals as the president’s guest on board the Quincy that he surprised his host with an unusual demand: he wanted to take the Quincy’s cook for himself. FDR was able to diplomatically ward off this request. (The concept that human beings are not personal property came to the Saudi kingdom relatively late; slavery was only abolished there in 1962.)


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  1. One Saudi Prince recently came to Switzerland for a holiday (and may be some medical check-ups). He did not quite trust the Swiss cooks so among his 40 or so entourage was also a Pakistani cook for rice only and a Yemeni for tea (and an Australian physio-therapist, who mentioned that he had been working for the Prince for the last two years and only since a couple of months ago he started actually being called upon). Well, at least he does create some employment …

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