Day: March 29, 2014

Germany agrees to expand dual citizenship

Source: The Local. Justice Minister Heiko Maas, said in a statement that he and Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière had struck a deal on a draft law which would create a path to dual citizenship for thousands more people. Maas called the plan “a very significant step toward a modern citizenship policy.” Those […]

My name is not Azzi

Source: Morocco World News: The anti-racism campaign, “My name is not Azzi,” sparked numerous reactions, but some of which are particularly alarming as they become the vehicle for misleading and populist ideas. Under cover of a “journalistic approach,” one can read in a certain press specializing in a systematic critique […]

Call for non politicization of UNHRC

Source: Moroco World News: We hope the UNHRC will steer a steady course and rely on means to remain loyal to its founding principles as well as to its mission of defending and promoting human rights and of resisting any politicization, said Morocco’s permanent representative to Geneva, ambassador Omar Hilale […]