Nigeria: Ahmadiyya Muslim Cleric Describes Yobe School Killing As Barbaric And Ungodly


The President of Ahmadiyya Muslim Jummat in Nigeria, Dr Mashhud Fashola has described the killing of 29 students at the Federal Government College Buni Yadi in Yobe State by members of the Boko Haram sect as barbaric and ungodly. 


Dr Fashola who was speaking at a meeting organized in Abuja appealed for religious tolerance amongst all religious groups in the country.

While attributing the spate of insecurity in some parts of the country to lack of proper sensitization of followers by religious leaders, he asked the Federal Government to also tackle issues of unemployment.

“The hearts of all human beings should bleed with these killings. Just think about yourself, suppose (it was) your own child, (when) you see women running helter skelter searching for their children. It is barbaric, it has nothing to do with religion and it has nothing to do with civilization.

“Many things have their causes, both immediate and deeper causes, and I feel that what religion has taught us to prevent this kind of thing is enlightenment of the people. A major enlightenment is that spirit of justice; we should educate all religious people that there is freedom of worship, freedom of belief.

“Where there have been people who are fanatics or extremists, who are teaching people that they have rights to impose their own faith on others, you have no such right,” he preached.

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