Ghana: T.I Ahmadiyya Senior High School wins Super Zonals for the 6th year running

Source: | By Thomas Freeman Yeboah

240x_mg_amasspix300x154Kumasi T.I Ahmadiyya Senior High School, called affectionately called Amass Phobia or Real Amass on Friday won their 6th consecutive Ashanti Regional Inter Schools and Colleges Super Zonal athletics competition, both in the boys’ division as well as girls’. In the girls division T.I Amass once again won it with a wide gap!

This recalls the memory of Hearts of Oak, also affectionately called Phobia winning the Ghana premier league for six consecutive times, from 1996/97 to 2002.

The competition began two weeks ago when the various schools contested on zonal bases called inter-co to earn qualification into the Super Zonal.

The super Zonal is the final stage of the athletics competition and this is where the finest schools and athletes from the various zones compete.

Not only did T. I Amass won the contest, but they earned points which were more than the points of the 2nd and 3rd schools combined in the boys division.

It started on Thursday 27th February and ended on Friday 28th February.


T I Amass. 188
Prempeh. 64
Owass. 60
KTI. 52
Ghanamy. 41
Kass. 35
Japass. 30
Collins. 28.5
O Sec Tech. 28
Kenyasi Sda. 25
T I Amass. 188.5
Aduman. 135.5
Kumasi Girls. 61
Wesley Girls Ksi. 56.5
Islamic. 37
N.Edubiase. 28.5
Koss. 25
Kass. 22.5
Agogo State. 22
O Sec Tech. 21.5

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