Pakistani media blacks out the story of a severed head hanging from a bridge in Karachi

Source: LUBP

On Friday (29 Nov 2013), DAWN TV reported that Takfiri Deobandi terrorists of Sipah Sahaba Taliban (ASWJ-TTP) beheaded a retired Pakistan Navy officer Saleem Raza alia Fauji in Buffer Zone Karachi. Later, they drilled his head and hung it with a rope on Sohrab Goth bridge with a notice saying this is revenge for Rawalpindi incident. Saleem Raza was a Sunni Barelvi (Sunni Sufi), and had an Alam (religious flag) on his home to express his love for Prophet Muhammad (SAWW)’s family. This deep love for Prophet’s (SAWW) family is something the Takfiri Deobandi Sipah Sahaba Taliban didn’t like, and took his life for.


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