Day: November 17, 2013

Religious Health-O-Meter (Infographic)

How It Works The Religious Health-O-Meter evaluates the overall health of America’s eleven largest religious organizations by comparing combined factors related to happiness and devotion. Each religious organization was ordered from highest to lowest by percentage of membership that meet the requirement in six categories. Each religion was scored on […]

Germany: Asylum Cases

The German newspaper “Süddeutsche“ reported on 13. November 2013, that the German parties CDU and SPD decided during their negotiation talks – for a great coalition government – to facilitate the conditions for asylum seekers in Germany. By law asylum seekers are not allowed to travel around the country (without […]

“Islamophobia or anti-Muslim hatred is reaching worrying heights”?

Source: The Conservative Paper. According to the Muslim Council of Britain,“Islamophobia or anti-Muslim hatred is reaching worrying heights in Britain, across Europe and globally.” This statement is unsubstantiated. Muslim immigration to the UK is on an astronomical scale, Islam has made its way into the public school system, not to mention the existence of government-sponsored […]

Pakistan’s Taliban dilemma

Source: Hindustan Times. Analysts say that the army was not trained to fight Islamic militants. Many of the men fighting on the front suffer from low morale. Also, the conflict has entered its fourth year in what was once considered a short operation. There are other factors that the army […]