Day: November 1, 2013

eDigest: Jinns and Demons

     Jinns and Demons Source: Muslim Sunrise By Zia H Shah MD  I remember waking up in bed, one strange morning, or at least my eyes and brain turned on and started processing. But… New Muslim: When is The Best Time to Perform Hajj? By Amal Stapley Tuesday, 29 […]

The Islamic litmus test

Source Asia Times: The Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) boasts 57 self-proclaimed Muslim states (that includes the Palestinian territories). If the OIC embraces them, why then does the world label those in opposition to the rulers of these lands as “Islamists”? Who are the true believers or true Islamists – […]

Pakistan takes u-turn on drone strikes

Source: Asia Times: KARACHI – Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and the Pakistani government have come under heavy fire for a sudden U-turn on its policy over US drone strikes in the country’s northwestern tribal areas along Afghanistan border following the Sharif’s visit to Washington last month. Criticism has culminated in […]

The Saudis are engaged in a great gamble

Source: The Telegraph The inhabitants of the desert kingdom of Saudi Arabia are not renowned for their sense of humour. In a country where public executions by beheading are commonplace, and even relatively minor transgressions such as drinking alcohol can be punished by the lash, the kingdom’s all-powerful religious police do not […]