Day: November 23, 2013

Pakistan’s Imran Khan to Block NATO Supplies After Drone Strike – Attack on School Putting Civilian Lives in Danger

by Jason Ditz, November 21, 2013 NATO is about to lose access to its primary supply line into occupied Afghanistan, the Khyber Pass, as Imran Khan, the leader of the Pakistani Tehreek-e Insaf (PTI), the political party which runs the Khyber Pakhtunkhah Province (KP) through which the supplies travel, has […]

Stuxnet’s Secret Twin

By: Ralph Langner BROOKINGS Editor’s Note: In a September 19, 2013 op-ed in Foreign Policy, Ralph Langner evaluates the lessons and legacy of the Stuxnet computer worm that crippled Iran’s uranium enrichment efforts in 2010. Langner reveals that another, more subtle Stuxnet variant infected Iranian industrial control systems as early […]