Israeli soldiers kill Palestinian

JERUSALEM: Israel’s security service and the military say Israeli forces have killed a Palestinian man in the West Bank believed responsible for a Tel Aviv bus bombing last year.

The Shin Bet says security forces sought to detain the suspect near the Palestinian village of Bilin on Tuesday. It says the suspect took cover in a cave, from where he later fired at Israeli forces, prompting the troops to kill him. The security service says two of his accomplices were arrested.

The Shin Bet identified the suspect as Mohamed Aatzi, an Islamic Jihad militant behind last year’s bus bombing of Tel Aviv during Israel’s military offensive on the Gaza Strip. The explosion wounded Israeli passengers.


Israeli soldiers carry away the body of a Palestinian man they named as Mohammed Assi, on Tuesday, as troops stormed an area between the West Bank villages of Bilin and Kufr Ne’meh, northwest of Ramallah. (AFP)

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3 replies

  1. Why did they have to kill him? Did they not have sufficient evidence to prosecute him in a court of law? (Like the American’s with Usama (they did not have sufficient evidence to prove that he was involved in 9/11).

  2. you are against the killing of a man believing to be a terrorist just because he is a are too sentimental

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