Swallowed by the Taliban

The Express Tribune: by Ayehsa Ijaz Khan –

Contrary to many of my peers, I never felt as hopeless or dejected about Pakistan’s future as I did during the past election. Some were hopeful because they saw in the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) ‘a new political force’ that would take on the ‘corrupt politicians’ and usher in a ‘Naya Pakistan’. Others were hopeful because a democratic transition had taken place, with one civilian government passing on the mantle to another. Frankly, neither rationale gave me much cause for celebration.

Pakistan had been derailed, gone seriously off-track. And a lot more than Imran Khan or a simple democratic handover were needed to put it back on track. The whole world had been commenting on the ‘existential threat’ to Pakistan but domestically, there was a worrying pass-the-buck attitude among the leadership, compounded by a conspiratorial mindset among the educated urbanites, refusing thus to acknowledge the problem. The enemy within us, however, the Taliban and their multiple mutations, was organised and single-minded, as clear as the rest of the nation was confused.


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2 replies

  1. Yes, there was some hope from Imran Khan sahib. But he broke down under one threat from Fazal ur Rehman sahib. Imran could have given a sensible political decent reply to the problem about Ahmadis. He failed,and soon fell off a big stage.

    He was always blaming Nawaz Sharif more than Zardari sahib. Perhaps the reason was that he felt tough time in elections from Nawaz Sharif.

    Let bygone be bygone. Even now Imran Khan can cooperate with Nawaz Sharif on some under cover deal about the black laws in the country. Both parties joining hands in the assembly can rescind the bad laws easily.

    It is the duty of Imran Khan sahib to do that because he is heading a party whose title is “Justice”. It is the party or movement for Justice in Pakistan. If Imran Khan does not make a good move, there will be no Justice in the country. He will also suffer in the end, in next elections. He has to cooperate. Nawaz Sharif should also invite Imran Khan with love. The agreement should be to remove the bad laws and articles. If Nawaz Sharif will not agree to that then Imran Khan will not be blamed.

  2. Imaran Khan I thought would usher a new era in Pakistan with his hallmark of justice. He has miserably failed in his attempt to establish Justice in the small province his party is in power.He should judiciously fight against the infamous blasphemy law promulgated by the tyrant Ziaul Haq which is the spring board for Mullas to persecute the believers of other denominations. There will be no peace and tranquility in Pakistan, unless the ruling party and the opposition jointly act to nullify this most inhumane law which the modern world askance.

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