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non-Ahmadi commentator who is also a big fan of Sheikh Hamza Yusuf recently left the old chanda allegation – implying Ahmadi funding is unaccounted for. It occurred to us, the best way to answer this allegation would be to compare the way Ahmadiyya donations are spent to how his Sunni sheikh, Hamza Yusuf, spends the donations he receives.
Sheikh Hamza is the founder of an Islamic college called Zaytuna in the USA, which he has run since 1996. According to Zaytuna’s website, the school charges $11,000 per year in tuition fees, an additional $7,450 every nine months in accommodation fees, as well as $900 for each student’s books. There are further minor expenses. Anyhow, by adding these various fees we can estimate the annual charges for each student are close to $20,000 a year. It should be noted that Zaytuna offers some financial aid to poorer students.
Anyhow, as Zaytuna currently hosts a student body made up of 30 people, if they all paid the full $20,000 a year that would be $600,000. Even this figure would not cover the college’s costs; in a recent interview Waheed Abdul Rasheed, Zaytuna’s Chief Operating Officer, told the New York Times the college has an annual running cost of between $4-5 million.
This is not all. Zaytuna, which is neither accredited by US authorities nor any other Islamic institute, recently launched its ‘brick by brick’ donation scheme. This scheme – an advert for which is presented in the video below – is asking 19,000 donors to make a contribution of $1,000 each towards the running of the college. To put that into perspective, that’s asking for a total donation of $19 million (19,000 donors x $1,000 each). The college claims $7million will be used towards buying a new campus while the other $12 million will be used towards ‘academic programs’. The full advert is available in this video:

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