Assessing the Slave Trade

The Voyages Database

The Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database comprises nearly 35,000 individual slaving expeditions between 1514 and 1866. Records of the voyages have been found in archives and libraries throughout the Atlantic world. They provide information about vessels, enslaved peoples, slave traders and owners, and trading routes. A variable (Source) cites the records for each voyage in the database. Other variables enable users to search for information about a particular voyage or group of voyages. The website provides full interactive capability to analyze the data and report results in the form of statistical tables, graphs, maps, or on a timeline.


and MAPS

Assessing the Slave Trade

This section of the Voyages website is organized around three ways historians and researchers have used the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade Database to interpret the slave trade: essays, quantitative analysis, and maps. Interactive features of the “Estimates” sub-section enable users to raise their own questions about the full volume of the slave trade by year, national carrier, and routes of slaving expeditions, and obtain answers in the form of tables, a timeline, or maps.

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