PAKISTAN: Persecution of Ahmadis in September 2013

Asian Human Rights Commission:

Following are excerpts from the press release of the Ahmadyya Jamat Report on the Persecution of Ahmadis in Pakistan, September 2013. The full report may be seen here.

In the month of September persecution against Ahmadis continued in Pakistan. In Orangi Town on September 18, Mr. Ijaz Ahmad Kiyani was shot dead by unknown assailants at 7:30 a.m. He had left home for work but had not gone far when two men coming from the opposite side on a motorcycle fired several shots at him. He was hit six times; one bullet caught him in his left hand; four hit him in the chest and one in the head. He is believed to have died instantly.

Mr. Kiyani was 27 and worked as a driver in an army establishment. He is survived by his parents, a wife, five-year old daughter and a two-year old son.

Spokesmen for Jamaat Ahmadiya, Mr. Saleemuddin, expressed his grief and anguish over this incident and said that despite such target-killings happening in Karachi for a long time the authorities have failed to put a stop to them. “Four Ahmadis have been killed in Karachi for their faith during the past month. We refuse to be intimidated by the killing of innocent Ahmadis because we have faith in Allah”, he said. He went on to say that, “…..our adversaries are wrong to assume that their barbarous activities would make any Ahmadi lose faith. The government should be mindful of its duty and should stop the proliferation of hate literature that incites the public to kill Ahmadis”. In the recent past conferences were held in the sacred name of Khatme Nabuwwat throughout the country in which hatred and violence against Ahmadis was preached and the audience were incited against Ahmadis through edicts of Wajibul Qatl (must be killed).



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