Pak Ahmadis prevented from sacrificing animals on Eid


Police on Thursday stopped members of Pakistan’s minority Ahmadi community from slaughtering animals here on Eid-u-Azha after Muslim clerics complained that the ritual of animal sacrifice “is an Islamic injunction whereas Ahmadis are non-Muslims”.

Jamaat-e-Ahmadiyya Pakistan Punjab spokesman Amer Mahmood told PTI that the Ahmadi community could not “sacrifice the animals” on Eid days in Krishan Nagar (old Lahore) and Sabzazar areas after local Muslim clerics made an announcement in mosques that the Ahmadis were following Muslim rituals.



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  1. Just want to share that back home Ahmadies are stopped. However in Germany the national head of Ahmadiyya Community, Mr Abdullah Wagishauser was picked up to present the Islamic view of Eid-ul-Adhia on famous TV (HR) in the state of Hessen Germany. He was given almost 30 minutes to explain all about Eid Fest as well details about Ahmadiyya. Stoppage in home country has resulted much more spread of Ahmadiyya Message through out the world. Various quesitons he was asked one can see on (Jihad Watch)

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