Justice and Rights for All-Golden principle of Faith: Mirza Masroor Ahmad-Head of World Wide Ahmadiyya Movement

berwick news: By NARELLE COULTER

THE worldwide leader of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community visited Melbourne last week to spread his message of love for all and hatred for none.
His Holiness Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad was guest of honour at a dinner in Mulgrave on Friday night hosted by the members of the south-east Ahmadiyya community.
The Ahmadiyya sect was founded in India in 1889.


Dandenong Interfaith Network representative Helen Heath, right, and Hallam businessman Rehmat Samiullah, left, with his Holiness Hazrat Mirza Hasroor Ahmad.

Tens of millions of followers now live in more than 200 countries where they have founded Ahmadiyya mosques, schools and hospitals.
President of the Victorian chapter Javed Chowdhary said the evening at Princess Court Reception was an “historic occasion for Victoria” as it brought together community leaders, military and naval personnel, Ahmadiyya followers as well as representatives of a multitude of other faiths in the presence of the Khalifatul or Leader of the Faithful.
He said the Victorian Ahmadiyya community was on the “front foot” promoting the message of peace and harmony.
He said followers, who live throughout Casey, Greater Dandenong and the City of Frankston, were enthusiastic participants in Australia Day celebrations and interfaith dialogues.
They help fundraise for the Red Cross, give blood and volunteer in times of disaster.
Mr Chowdhary said the Khalifatul was in Australia to “foster absolute justice, peace and inter-religious harmony”.


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