Arabs can go to Saudi Arabia, says rabbi

Dov Lior (who currently serves as the Chief Rabbi of Hebron and Kiryat Arba in the southern West Bank) calls for reclaiming Temple Mount, helping build ‘camel stables’ for Arabs elsewhere so holy land is ‘cleansed of terrorists’

 “how to get rid of them [Arabs]. We’re not far from seeing the day where our lands are cleansed of terrorists and their supporters. They can go to Saudi Arabia.”

The Times of Israel:

“We are not far from seeing the day when our land is cleansed from terrorists,” said Rabbi Dov Lior, the prominent, controversial, nationalist chief rabbi of the Hebron-area settlement of Kiryat Arba. ……..

Lior’s statements were broadcast Sunday evening by Channel 10 TV.

The rabbi was outlying his “vision” for access to the site, which is restricted for non-Muslims, according to Israeli law. The Temple Mount is controlled by the Muslim Wakf, but security is overseen by Israel. Non-Muslims are allowed to visit, according to instructions by security forces, but all non-Muslim religious ritual is banned.
“Our generation is charged with reclaiming the Temple Mount” and returning its sovereignty to the people, Lior said.


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