Inventor/multimillionaire/filmmaker Dr. Maurice Kanbar host to Dr. Koya

SAN FRANCISCO-Recently San Francisco-based Jewish Multimillionaire, inventor and filmmaker Dr. Maurice Kanbar gave a surprise lunch invitation to Dr. Hanif Koya editor/publisher of the FIJI SUN USA.

Considering it as an honor, Koya accepted the invitation and met for a lunch at the Perry s at San Francisco Square.  As the two munched on their fried fish sandwich, Dr. Kanbar pulled a cutting from his breast pocket of a letter to editor of SF Chronicle by Koya.

The letter:
Originally Published in The San Francisco Chronicle

As a member of the international Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, I wish to appeal to all Muslims to exercise restraint and patience, for Quran says God is with the patient.

Secondly, Quran says not to create disorder on earth whether it is simple misdemeanor or of felonious nature causing property damage or risking human life.
Being patient is not cowardice or taking defeat, it is rising to the level of being righteous that Quran calls “muttaqee.” Love for all, hatred for none.
Hanif Koya, editor,Muslim News, Hayward

SAN FRANCISCO – (Friday Jul 12, 2013). It was a great pleasure and honor that Mr. Maurice Kambal invited me over a lunch at the Union Street Perrys.

Running a few minutes late due to parking problems, when I finally met Mr. Kambal he told me that he wanted to meet after reading my letter published in the San Francisco Chronicle. He dug into his breast pocket and pulled a copy to show me.

Maurice Kambal – a mn of peace

The 80 year old San Franciscan and the founder/maker of Vodka explained that he felt what I wrote was different from what he usually heard and knew of peace in Islam. He noted that I was speaking of peace from the Ahmadiyya perspective and felt that it was unique in contrast to the mainstream Muslim belief. He lamented that he found the Sunni/Shia killing was disturbing. Mr. Kambal said he found it disturbing that Muslims were required to kill the infidels.

Being of Jewish faith, I explained, he was a believer in God and cannot be considered infidel and the law pertaining to “killing of infidels” related to situation of war

As we sat and munched on fish and chips lunch, Mr. Kambal handed me a brief outline of his peace plan and requested me sign and endorsed which I did with pleasure.

While I have sent an email to Mr. Kambal requesting him to establish a MAURICE PEACE FOUNDATION and await his response, I have thought of promoting GLOBAL PEACE FRATERNITY.


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