This day in history: October 10


680 – Battle of Karbala: Hussain bin Ali, the grandson of the Prophet Muhammad, is decapitated by forces under Caliph Yazid I. This is commemorated by Muslims as Aashurah.

1580 – After a three-day siege, the English Army beheads over 600 Papal soldiers and civilians at Dún an Óir, Ireland.

1780 – The Great Hurricane of 1780 kills 20,000–30,000 in the Caribbean.

1970 – Union Government ruled out judicial probe into the death of the late PM Lal Bahadur Shastri.

1973 – Vice President of the United States Spiro Agnew resigns after being charged with federal income tax evasion.

1980 – A magnitude 7.3 earthquake …continue reading at

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3 replies

  1. Yes, according to my Calendar, the incident of Karbala, when Hazrat Imam Hussain a.s. was martyred mercilessly, it took place on 10 October 0680 A.D.

    That was 10 Muharram 0061 Hijrah. Inna Lillah e Wa Inna ilaih e Rajioon.

    Bina kardand Khush rasm e beh khaak o khoon ghalteedand.

    Khuda rehmat kunad aan Ashiqaan e paak teenat raa.

    They set up a good example by being enveloped in dust and blood (for a right cause).

    May Allah, bless (all those) your real lovers who had the real pure habits. (Ameen).

  2. whts the ahmadi position regarding the caliphs? do they accept that Abu Bakr (ra) was the 1st caliph. followed by Umar , Uthman and Ali (ra).

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