Cryptodidymus: Chinese boy gives birth to brother

In what may be a first time medical event a two year old boy in China was found to be “pregnant” with his twin. Xiao Feng, from Huaxi, China was taken to the hospital recently due to difficulties with an enlarged stomach.

Doctors were shocked when Xrays and MRI testing revealed a parasitic fetus growing inside of his stomach.

The fetus had developed a spine, fingers and toes. Doctors said the fetus was 20mm wide and was occupying two thirds of Feng’s stomach which was causing him to have difficulty breathing. Life saving surgery was performed in which the doctors in essence delivered the fetus from two year old Feng.

The fetus took up nearly 2/3 of the little boy’s stomach, reports The Daily Mail. The fetus would have been a boy.

This condition, medically called cryptodidymus, is commonly known as conjoined twins. The rare condition of conjoined twins occurs when a fertilized egg fails to completely separate. However, the condition presented by two year old Feng is only one of a very small number of cases in which a child was found to be carrying its twin inside of its body. Doctors in Peru removed a nine inch long fetus from a three year old in 2012, it weighed a pound and a half. In 2008 a two inch long fetus was removed from a nine year old girl in Greece.

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  1. This subject has fascinated me since the first time I saw a documentary a few years ago on this rare medical condition of a young boy somewhere in a remote village near Russia and the poor parents didn’t want to have more children due to their stupid illogical superstitions and it made me wonder about Mary and Jesus(as)since, and if their extremely rare condition was just that and has been superstitiously and grossly misunderstood for centuries. Allah knows best

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