Kingdom of Saudi Arabia demands all-out support for Syria fighters

Saudi Foreign Minister Prince Saud bin al-Faisal. (AFP)

Foreign Minister Prince Saud Al-Faisal has said that increased political, economic and military support to the Syrian opposition could bring about a change in the balance of power on the ground and help in finding a political solution to the country’s problems.

Prince Saud said that any increase in support would help the opposition defend the people from suppression by the regime of Bashar Assad. He was speaking during a meeting of the Group of Friends of Syrian People on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly meeting.

He stressed the need to document the US-Russian agreement on the resolution passed on Syria at the Security Council under Chapter VII of the UN Charter.

“This will require the Syrian regime, which has lost its legitimacy, to comply with the agreement and not exploit it to gain time to continue torturing the Syrian people,” he said.

The prince expressed concern at the apathy of the international community toward the suffering of the Syrian people and hoped that the regime’s gassing of civilians would mobilize the international community to act.

“The Syrian regime’s murder of 140,000 of its own citizens using missiles, bombs and aircraft was not enough to spur the international community into action. Instead, it waited until internationally-banned poisonous gases were used, which caused the deaths of more than 1,400 people, mostly women and children, to accuse the regime of committing crimes against humanity. I hope that the latest act leads to the international community deterring this regime from committing more crimes,” the prince said.

He said the Syrian regime had crossed all the red lines with the use of chemical weapons. The First Geneva Conference recognized the National Syrian Coalition as the legitimate representative of the Syrian people after the regime lost its legitimacy, he said, adding that the second Geneva Conference should implement the recommendations of the First Geneva Conference.

He highlighted the need to step up humanitarian assistance for Syrian refugees.


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  1. If as much effort (and cash) would have been put into the search for peace instead of war the whole world would be a better place. It is unfortunate that Saudi Arabia lets themselves be used as a tool to destabilize Syria and the region.

    • The 100’000 killed (mentioned by UN) include both civilians and military and include those killed by all sides. For some reasons we do not see a breakdown (killed by whom) nor military or civilian. “Truth is the first casualty of war”

  2. @ ahmed qureshi

    no i am not a wahhabi.

    not sure hw my comment suggests that.

    the assad regime used chemical weopons and claim that there is no civil war!! they r just merely fighting terrorists.

    islamic teachings states a person who is just and elected by the majority shud lead the affairs of state.

  3. @ ahmad qureshi

    I am a muslim. Which is the identity that Allah mentioned in the Quran.

    person who believes in the testimony of islam is a muslim.

    the holy prophet said; ” a muslim is the one who prays as we pray, faces our qibla during salah, eats halal sacrificed animals.” [nasa’i]

    the holy prophet said; ” whoever belives in Allah and His messenger and the Book (Quran) which He sent down, and prays and observes fasting during ramadan and beleives in the hereafter, then Allah will admit him/her in jannah….” [bukhari – book of faith and muslim]

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