Sir Zafrulla Khan honored by King’s College London

Sir Zafrulla Khan honored by King’s College London, read the entire inscription

Khan – Politician and diplomat, Foreign Minister of Pakistan *1893-1985)

Khan was one of Pakistan’s founders, and its first minister of foreign affairs, the first Asian president of International court of Justic, President of UN General Assembly, Amir of Lahore’s Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, He received his BA from King’s in 1914 and fellowship in 1938. He represented the Muslim League in drafting the Pakistan Resolution (1940), and served as Judge in the Federal Court of India.

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2 replies

  1. “Amir of Lahore’s Ahmadiyya Muslim Community” the statement is a bit misleading.

    He was Amir of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community (Jamaat) Lahore.

    Tahir Ahmed

  2. Do you know who gave Lahore to Pakistan it was not in Pakistan?

    Sir Zafrullah Khan got Lahore with extended territory to Wahga, revealed by Rtd High Court Justice Malik Saeed Hassan, unfortunately history books of Pakistan has omitted this fact because of religious prejudices and hate but truth remains.

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