Protest Over Muslim Students Banned From Wearing Veils At Birmingham College

Huffington Post:

Following the decision by a college to ban Muslim students from wearing veils, students, leaders and politicians alike are campaigning to have the controversial rule reversed.

On Tuesday, it emerged Birmingham Metropolitan College (BMC) had issued a warning to students they would not be allowed in to study if they wore niqabs, a veil which covers everything bar the eyes. The college’s principal Dame Christine Braddock said the decision was due to “safety” concerns.

“Please join our protest against this Islamophobic and illogical decision to ban the face veil,” an explanation of the protest reads. “We need to take a stand against such hysterical and discriminatory decisions. Brothers welcome, as are non-muslims who understand the need to preserve the rights of muslim women and freedom of expression for society as a whole.”

Categories: Europe, UK, Women, Women Rights

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