Muslim girl must go to swimming lessons – German court

Source: BBC

A court in Germany has ruled that a Muslim schoolgirl should take part in mixed-sex swimming lessons.
Her parents had insisted that the girl, 13, not take part in swimming lessons at her school in Frankfurt.

German court: Muslim girl can go to swimming lessons in ‘burkini’

Some Muslim parents say that such lessons run contrary to Islamic principles of modesty.
However, the judge in the case said the girl could wear an all-over swimming garment sometimes dubbed a “burkini” in order to accommodate her beliefs.


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2 replies

  1. Hijab and Burkini will be constant live billboards for Islam, every where in the world.

    I am reminded of how, the prophet Muhammad, may peace be on him, was able to appreciate the advantages in what the Meccans were offering him, at Hudaibiyya.

    Allah called the Hudaibiyya a great victory.

    Any victory for Hijab and Burkini is a great victory as long as Burkini does not hit the slippery slope!

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