Eid Milan & Peace Symposium Conducted by Lajna Imaillah (Women Auxiliary) of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Chennai, India

The worldwide Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Chennai Chapter Women Wing organised a PEACE SYMPOSIUM on Communal harmony at Masjid Mahmood, Chennai. Mrs. Shereen Basharath, the Zonal President of the Ahmadiyya Community Women Wing in Tamilnadu – North Zone presided the function.

Rev. Sister Alphonsa (Correspondent of Fatima Mat.Higher Sec.School)

In her presidential address she told, that the Holy Quran says that all the prophets who have appeared in this world are equal. This is essential for the establishment of inter-religious peace. Islam requires Muslims to believe not only in Holy Prophet Muhammad, but also in all other prophet and saints of God including Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, Mahavira, Confucius and Zoroaster. (Peace be on them).

Professor Dr. Manisha Vidyavathy (Professor, Anna University, Chennai)

Mrs. Shakila Munawwar, the President of the Women Wing in Chennai said in her welcome address that the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community conducts these type of Peace Symposium throughout the world by inviting religious leaders in a single platform.

Mrs. Manonmaniyam (General Secretary, All India DemocraticWomen Federation )

Professor Dr. Radha Ramakrishnan of Dr.MG.R.University, Professor Dr. Manisha Vidyavathy of Anna University, Mrs. Manonmaniyam, the General
Secretary of Democratic Women forum of India, Miss. Shareefa, the correspondent of Crescent Group of Girls school, Professor Mrs. Padmavathy Vivekanandan of Meenakshi Women College, Rev.Sister Alphonza, Correspondent of Fatima Mat.Higher Sec.School, Rev.Sister Christina, Principal of Fatima Mat.Higher Sec.School, Mrs. Benazeer of Vyasa Vidyalaya Mat.School, Mrs. Hemamalini Sekar, Councilor of Chennai Corporation spoke on Communal harmony and International peace. All the Speakers stressed that these type of peace Symposium should be conducted throughout Tamilnadu. Moreover they welcomed the initiative taken by the Women Wing of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Chennai.

Professor Dr.Padmavathy Vivekanandan ( Professor Meenakshi College for Women)

Professor Dr. Shareefa, (Correspondent Crescent Group of Girls School)

Apart from the members, women from other communities also participated in the event.

Shereen Basharath | Zonal President of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community


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  1. Very Good programme by the Lajna Imaillah, Chennai. Congratulations. As said by the Speakers these type of peace Symposium should be conducted throughout Tamilnadu. May Allah help them. Very Good initiative.

  2. Alhamdulilllah. Yes, I had seen yesterday in ” The Hindu ” newspaper regarding this Peace Symposium. Really the Women Wing of our Chennai Jama’ath had done a wonderful job. Good coverage by ” THE MUSLIM TIMES ” Jazakallah, Really this is encouraging. May Allah reward you.

  3. Alhamdullilah… Very happy to see a post about the efforts of Lajna Imaillah, Chennai in bringing communal harmony. Proud to be a part of this Organization.

  4. MashaAllah. This is the second time the Lajna Imaillah, Chennai has conducted such a beautiful event by inviting many guest speakers. I got the opportunity to be with them and to join in there Eid Milan dinner. Wishing for the future success.

  5. Alhamdulillah… very happy to see that the efforts of Lajna Imaillah have reached far and wide through this peace symposium… May Allah the almighty bless them for putting a great show…

  6. Alhamdulillah. It is very good initiative on the part of Lajna Imaillah Chennai. May their work continue in progress. May Allah bless their efforts. My hearty congratulation to all the people behind this effort.

  7. Mashaallah, Lajna Imaillah, Chennai has put good efforts and got success. Happy to see learned people participated and giving speech on PEACE, which is essential now.

  8. What a good event organised by Ladies Forum of Chennai Ahmadiyya Jamath. Congratulations. Let your good work continue. Allah be with you. Good Coverage by The Muslim Times.

  9. Very Good programme by the Women Forum of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Chennai, Masha Allah. These type of programs should be conducted throughout Tamilnadu to spread Peace & Harmony among the people. Great work!!

  10. Really its marvelous.The message of ‘Love For All and Hatred for None’ to be propagated ever.
    May Almighty Allah reward them suitably.

  11. Masha’Allah, Good efforts by Lajna Imaillah, Chennai.May Allah Almighty bestow his blessings over the volunteers who worked hard for the success of this gathering .hope to see much more of these gathering in future.” THE MUSLIM TIMES ” Jazakallah, for highlighting such a good event in your forum ,this enables for people like me far from motherland to know more about such events back home .May Allah Almighty reward you for your support.Wish and hope to see much more of such news in future .

  12. My uncle Syed Tahir Hassan from Germany has seen this news published by The Muslim Times. The News has reached far off globe through TMT. Jazakallah. Good wishes.

  13. May Almighty Allah Shower His Blessings upon Lajna Imaillah of Chennai – Ahmadiyya Muslim Jamath, for their good initiative and efforts put forth to bring many scholars, personalities from various fields in one platform. jazakkumullah.

  14. Masha Allah. Good work done by Lajna Imaillah Chennai. May Almighty Allah Shower HIS blessings upon the Lajna – Chennai for their valuable efforts to organize such Peace Symposium. May Almighty Allah open their hearts to receive and to understand the real peace can be established throughout the world only through Ahmadiyyath – the True Islam.
    Special thanks to the Muslim times for their good coverage and to forwarded the efforts made by Lajna Imaillah – Chennai worldwide.

  15. All thanks and praises to Allah! And hearty congratulations to Chennai Lajana Ahmadiyya for organizing an excellent program.

    As editor/publisher I always recommend putting the banner up on the stage. It is the best to get maximum exposure in the press. The cameras and photographers cannot miss them. Plus, it helps a great deal not having to write the title event every time. Great job.

  16. Glad to see Rev. Sister Alphonsa and Sister Christina in the Ahmadiyya Women Wing function. This is a good initiative. We all should respect other religion and religious leaders as Ahmadiyya Muslim Community do. They are a good example to follow. My wishes to the organisers.

  17. Congratulations. The Successful event made by Lajna Imaillah, Chennai is worth praising. May Allah spread the message of PEACE throughout the world. Ameen.

  18. JAZAKALLAH !!!

    VERY BEST Congratulations !!!

    O ye people listen carefully, and remember that these prophecies are from God Almighty Who made the heaven and earth. He will spread this movement, in all countries with reason and argument. He will make it prevail. (Roohani Khazain vol. 20, p.66-67)

    Surely, all believers are brothers. So make peace between your brothers, and fear ALLAH that mercy may be shown to you (49:11)


  19. alhamdhulillah. It is a good effort done by lajna. may allah bless their efforts. allah be with you. congratulations

  20. Alhamdhulilah. . Great work done by lajna . The event made by lajna was successful and the message of peace will spread throughout the world . Allah be with us to spread the message throughout the world . congratulations to all lajna who put more efforts for the successful event . Ameen..

  21. Alhamdhulilah.good effort by lajna.congratulations to all lajnas.allah will bless us forever.Jazakallah.may ALLAH will spread the message of peace throughout the world.Ameen…

  22. Alhamdhulilah ,I will thankful to Almighty Allah as given good opportunity to Lajna Chennai conduct good and successful Peace Symposium program in chennai.May Allah help them reach all over the world.Inshaallah.

  23. Masha’Allah, Good programme by Lajna Imaillah, Chennai. Best Wishes for future programmes. Good coverage by The Muslim Times. Jazakallah.

  24. Peace Symposium should be conducted throughout India to promote Communal harmony and Religious Peace.Especially now in Utter Pradesh. When Ahmadiyya Women are conducting such a program, it is worth mentioning. Ahmadiyyas are peace loving citizens, and they respect all reformers. Best .Wishes

  25. Good efforts taken by lajna chennai. masha allah May allah bless them all to spread the peace message throughout the world. Insha allah

  26. Congratulations to the Lajna Imaillah Chennai.
    May Allah the Almighty enable you to carry out the message continuously.

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