World’s happiest nations are…

(CNN) — Those looking for greater happiness and satisfaction in life should head to northern Europe, but steer clear of Egypt and countries worst hit by the eurozone crisis, according to the 2013 World Happiness Report released Monday by Columbia University’s Earth Institute.

Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, the Netherlands and Sweden are the world’s happiest countries, according to the survey of 156 countries. Rwanda, Burundi, the Central African Republic, Benin and Togo — all nations in Sub-Saharan Africa — are the least satisfied with their lives, the report said.

The United States came in at number 17 in the world in terms of overall happiness, but it still lags behind Canada (6), Australia (10), Israel (11) the United Arab Emirates (14) and Mexico (16), according to the Earth Institute.

The report ranks the United Kingdom as the 22nd happiest country in the world. Other major nations included Germany (26), Japan (43), Russia (68) and China (93).




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  1. Extremely disputed and contradictory report.
    After 2008, Danes, Swedes, Dutch, Swiss, Canadians, Finish, Icelanders are not happy at all , they used to be, instead very much worried of coming days. Israelis are always worried of their future.
    In Europe only two nations are a bit not so worried Norwegians and Germans.
    Totally incredible report a complete forgery.

  2. Pakistan is on 81th position. I reckon it should be somewhere in first 10 positions despite all Terrorism and Extremism for too many long years. Pakistanis are happy and are very hopeful to come over this mess all around them. They are facing heavy losses in terms of the population and economics while the world has miserably failed to acknowledge the real sacrificed made by this brave nation. Pakistan has learned in hard ways to fight against this Terrorism hence she needs more support from the developed nations enjoying in peaceful environments
    in the West.

  3. What are these people talking about. How one can be happy without Islam???? Without Islam you cannot know happiness. All the Muslim countries are the most happiest because Allah and His Messenger provide all that is needed to be happy.

  4. I cannot imagine how the US lags behind Mexico. I’ll just say that I would not consider going to a place where so many people are clamoring to get out.

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