7th September, a horrifying day for Pakistani Ahmadis

Source: troubledmindsthoughts.blogspot.in | Saturday, September 7, 2013

Today is 7th September, 2013. 40 years ago, on this day, Bhutto took the step of declaring the Ahmadiyya Community in Pakistan to be non-Muslims and forcefully turning them into a minority, according to the wishes of all the religious extremists, regardless of the fact that Ahmadis had sacrificed their life, blood and honour for the making of Pakistan.

Ahmadis, after this declaration, were not allowed to offer prayers or call their prayers Namaz. They were not allowed to call their places of worship ‘mosques’. They were not allowed to say or print words like ‘InshAllah’ ‘Bismillah’ ‘Allah’ ‘Muslims’ etc. They were not allowed to preach or carry out their religious activities. They were not allowed to call their Holy Book ‘Quran’. They were not allowed to recite the Kalima Tayyaba. Basically, to summarise it, they were not allowed to say or do any thing which would make them look like Muslims. If they made the mistake of doing so, they would have to pay a heavy fine or be imprisoned for 3 years.

After this horrifying declaration, there could have been protests, there could have been violence by the Ahmadis, there could have been bloodshed. But.. There was nothing. Every Ahmadi was asked to pray vehemently, every Ahmadi was asked to kneel down to Allah, who was the Only One who could help them. And not one Ahmadi objected to… continue reading at troubledmindsthoughts.blogspot.in

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  1. Seventh September must also remind us that the Prophecy:” Inne Muheeyun Man Haraza Haranataka” has been fulfilled! And the man who had dared signed that decree was hanged like a vulgar criminal and his successor too disappeared in the sky. Only his artificial teeth has been recovered after his crashed C 130 army plane and these artificial teeths are buried without his body in front of the ‘Faisal Mosque’ in Islamabad. The King too who had planned the whole scheme to install the sort of Khilafate that they had conceived was assassinated by his nephew! What more does the world need to believe that this Jamaat has been founded by the hands of God Almighty!
    Where are notorious Mullahs Mufti Mahmood, Maulana Kausar Niazi and Maulana Nooranee and others…what and how history will who remember their names. Perhaps the atrocities committed against the Ahmadies in the years that followed changed the whole course of history for our Jamaat….and had propelled many of us who had so far been hesitant to come forward to give a helping hand to this Divine movement! When they had persisted in their blind persecution in the ten years that followed by enacting new laws against us and they tried to stifle the voice of His Khilafa, Khilafat was shifted to the centre of the modern world & now his voice is heard in the remotest corners of the world !
    While on one hand our heart bleeds for those who are martyred everyday in Pakistan, somewhere a feeling of gratitude too arises in our heart that Almighty Allah continues and will continue to shower his choicest blessings on this Jamaat!
    No one could have imagined the amazing and miraculous progress Jamaat has leaped forwards since that 7th September a period of forty years which we have lived since then with such intensity and 1974 seems far away and near too like yesterday to me.
    Our heartfelt prayers are with those innocent people who are daily martyred in that beloved country named Pakistan!
    Nizaudeen Boodhun Côte d’Ivoire

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