4 Lessons Science and Religion Both Taught Me

Huff Post: by Elad Nehorai.

Sometimes I feel like I’m still in that seventh grade philosophy class. The more I learn about science, and the more I learn about religion, the more I feel like the two so beautifully complement each other. The more people debate and argue, the more I see the commonality between the two.

There are so many lessons that both science and religion can teach us that I thought I would take this time to enumerate just a few.  Lessons that have so hit me, so powerfully moved me, no matter what source I learned it from, that I can’t see how anyone could see a conflict between science and religion.

I remember once being in a philosophy class.  It was a winter “enrichment” course for 7th graders like me who didn’t have friends to hang out with during winter break.  It was our last day.  Everyone was telling the class what they gained out of it.

Some people said it “expanded their minds.”  Some said it changed the way they looked at things.

When it was my turn, I said, “Now I’m more open to the idea of G-d.”

Everyone around me at the time kind of looked shocked. Some of them laughed and said, “Really?”


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