World’s wackiest shoes on sale at ‘2 Crazy Dubai’

Dubai: 2 crazy for it … or it’s 2 crazy for you. That’s the tag line of this admittedly ‘crazy’ store whose shoes can sweep you off your feet.

Called ‘2 Crazy Dubai’, the store stocks the most bizarre shoes from all over the world, made by top designers and worn by hot celebrities. And of course, they are all limited editions that carry a price worth revealing.

Crazy shoe

The most expensive pair currently available at the Sunset Mall showroom on Jumeirah Beach Road is Gasoline Glamour’s ‘Scandolus’ pumps. They are made of vintage Swarovski and cost a whopping Dh25,725.

“These shoes attract a lot of attention and can be worn with a long or short dress, even an abaya. They are for a special occasion and can be used as bridal shoe,” said store manager Roxana Petrisor.

Another pair – Chiquita – from the same family, also available at the store, became a rage after American singer and songwriter Katy Perry stepped into them. The pumps cost Dh14,699.

Petrisor said the store is owned by Dubai-based “Crazy Head” Saima Asim whose passion for shoes prompted her to bring the best designs to the city.

“She is in touch with the world’s topmost shoe designers and we are proud to have 10 of them display their works here,” said Petrisor.

The uniqueness of the collections can leave you tripping and wondering which of them is the craziest. Each piece is markedly different as a wide spectrum of accessories is used. They include vintage Swarovski, animal fur and bird feathers, porcupine and steel spikes, candy and ice-cream, toys and lego blocks, even cassettes and rusted metal.

Cleo B’s Platinum Edition, for instance, is a “one out of one shoe in the world”. It has cassette heels with crystals in purple and was specially designed for 2 Crazy Dubai. Similarly, the Dh13.375 Underwater Discovery from the Lost Civilisations Collection by Anastasia Radevich uses a metal heel with a rusted impression. A bizarre pair called This Will Destroy You from the same collection is only one of five pairs in the world. It costs Dh13,375.

Radevich, whose art of shoemaking has been honed under such names as Alexander McQueen, and Nicholas Kirkwood chose to interpret lost civilisations with sea-sunk heels, galvanising and rusting them in unique ways. 3-D sculpting is also used with mother of pearl coatings to give an ancient, dug out feel.

Petrisor said the store has three other exclusive collections from Radevich. Pointing to the Wild Arctic Fox for Dh3,760, she said the ankle fur boots comprise just six pairs in the world. “They go with short dresses, leggings, even business suits,” she added.

The Wood Heels and Kinetik Pumps from the same designer are equally impressive. “The Kinetik Pumps use metal in the heel and the front looks like a skate. They come in the form of pumps, ankle boots and sandals and are in the range of Dh12,000.”

Then there’s the Funky collection for those with a sweet tooth. Bad Cake You, which tempts you with candies, doughnuts and cup cakes, can be yours for Dh14,699. Another shoe from this set – Candy Queen – has ice cram and lollipops on it was worn by Katy Perry. The Rhonda Voo collection of long boots, stillatoes and platform heels also uses ice-cream as its theme. Her Sweet Wasabi costs Dh1,999.

Other shoes at the store that catch the eye include the Come and Play With Me range of shoes by Naam Ben Paris collection (Dh1,980). It employs toys and lego blocks. You can even change the colour of your shoes by changing the blocks.

The United Nude Collection is also striking. A pair by Iris Van Herpen, made famous by Kim Kardashian, costs Dh3,740. A runaway hit under the UN collection is also a black shoe by Dutch designer Mattijs van Bergen who is known for his stylish and feminine designs. The open top fan shoe costs Dh2,615. “There are 120 of these pairs in the world,” said Petrisor.

Other stunners include Kobi Levi’s Coffee Porcelain Heels for Dh7,199, a chewing gum pumps for Dh8,230, the Pony Leopard under the Finsk Collection for Dh2,649, the Ruby Jungle pumps for Dh4,410, a pair of pumps with real porcupine feathers and spikes for Dh3.123, the Bluebird with peacock feathers for Dh2,210, the Pretty Rock Girl with roses for Dh1,499 … the list could go on..

The cheapest shoe available is a set of pumps of the Lo Res collection, inspired by the last model of Lamborgini. “They’re made of silicon plastic , very comfortable and take the shape of our legs. We have them in eight colours.”

The heeled ones cost Dh849 and the flats Dh429.

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