Khalifa of Islam Inaugurates First Custom Built European Ahmadiyya Muslim Seminary


By. Zubair Khan

Almost 60 kilometer (km) away in South West of Frankfurt, members of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Germany celebrated the opening ceremony of first ever custom built and self constructed European Ahmadiyya Seminary (Jamia). Supreme Head, His Holiness, Mirza Masroor Ahamd, graced the occasion with his blessed presence, as guest of honor.

Few years back His Holiness Mirza Masroor Ahmad, while touring Germany, instructed Mr. Abdullah Wagishauser, the national head of Ahmadiyya  Muslim Community to examine the possibility of having  Jamia to entertain exclusively the European Ahmadi Muslim students who intend excelling by acquiring the higher religious education.  As his nature is, the head of German Ahmadiyya Muslim Community took the task very seriously. In the initial stages various places and buildings were examined for the Jamia.  However then came the final decision of German National Ahmadiyya Executive Council to have entirely self constructed Jamia building as it can best suit the requirements of the community and students  Mr Tahir Mahmood, then National Secretary Education, took the gigantic task of feasibility study. Later Mr Wasim Ghaffar current National Secretary Education took the assignment to push forward the project He along with National Head of community started looking  for suitable places.

In the city of Riedstadt-Goddelau, approximately 60 km  away from Frankfurt, the Ahmadiyya Community constructed Baitul Aziz Mosque in 2004 having 1751 sqm area. By the Grace of Allah, the adjacent plot to the Mosque of more than 6500 sqm was put on sale. The Community immediately acquired the plot and got it reserved for the construction of  Jamia.

Then came the million dollar question of getting governmental permission for the construction of Jamia. Local Ahmadiyya  Community already had developed excellent relations with the city authorities. Urgent meetings were arranged with the mayor of the city. Mr Gerlad Kummer, the then mayor the city appeared to be very accommodating and cooperative. Local city administrations approved the project which was later confirmed by the district city administration of Gross-Gerau, a city where since long, resides the national head of Ahmadiyya Community.

Foundation stone of Jamia was laid by his Holiness Mirza Masroor Ahamd on 15th of  December 2009. By the Blessings of Almighty and with the prayers of spiritual head of the community, every phase passed well and Jamia  building is now completed to house current 80 students ranging from first year to fifth year levels.

Ahmadiyya Community Jamia offers 7 years course and successful students are awarded degree known as “Shahid.”  For previous years the educational activities were undertaken in one the centers of the community. Mr Shamshad Qamar, highly learned missionary of the community, is the First Principal of Jamia Germany. In addition to students from Germany, a few from other European countries are also undergoing religious educational training, in the Jamia.

According to the information provided by the concerned department of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community the whole area including the area of Baitula Aziz Mosque is 8300 sqm, out of which presently 2036 sqm has been  constructed as covered area.

In addition to 7 class rooms the Jamia has 28  residential rooms in hostel of Jamia, canteen facility to feed the students,  2 apartments for the instructional staff, an auditorium, library and Assembly Hall,  Students can enjoy playing football, basketball, volley ball and Hand ball etc. Ms Mubashara Ilyas, an Ahmadi lady Architect got the honor to design the Jamia while Mr Saeed Gessler, an Ahmadi Constructing Engineer was honored to lead the project.

In opening ceremony national head of community briefly stated the effort for the construction of Jamia. Lord Mayor of the city, representative of Islamic Forum and State Hessen Secretary of Education and Integration also spoke on the occassion. Supreme Head, His Holiness in his address highlighted the importacne of Jamia for the city, Germany and Europe. He said that European Union does cater material things for member states but it is Ahamdiyya Muslim Community which by establishing Theology Institute has catered for the spiritual uplift of the European member states. To students He gave many advises and stressed upon them  to become the real embassadors of Islam in their srroundings and elswhere. Details of different speeches will be released by press department of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. Function was covered by by local, regional and National media. ARD and ZDF very famous TV stations of Germany also covered the function.

Currently few other Jamias are also very effectively contributing to spread the religious education amongst Ahmadi Muslim students. German Jamia, however will be remembered as the first ever custom built Jamia, in the whole of Europe. May God continue to bless Ahmadiyya Muslim Community.  Amin

Note by the Editor: Quality pictures of the event will be posted when become available.





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  1. Maashallah.Alhamdolillah,congratulations to Hazoore

    anwar and worldwide Ahmadiyya jamaat and specially


  2. Hearty congragulations on this great achievement.May Allah the Almighty continue to bless Germany Jama’at and the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community world wide. Ameen.

  3. MashaAllah, AlhamdolillaheyRabbilAlameen. This is really a great miraculous performance and achievement of German Jama’at, which has made the dreams of Hadhrat Al-Khamis, aba, come true with such a grand designed building of Jamia Ahmadiyya, Germany. Already inspiring news made us know about the new Jamias having been opened, constructed in UK, Canada and now we understand to have completed the construction of grand building of the International Jamia Ahmadiyya,Ghana, for whole of African Continent.
    Alhamdolillah. All these newly established Jamias in different parts of the world must have pleased the the heart and soul of the ‘Sahaba’ like Hazrat Maulvi Abdul Karim Sialkoti and Hazrat Maulana Burhanuddin Jehlami, who had passed away, one after another, which worried Hadhrat-e-Aqdus Masih-e-Maud and His Holiness thought of the idea of establishment of religious teaching institutions, which should produce scholars to fill the vaccume created by the demise of such scholarly companions,’Sahaba’. Alhamdolillah, this inauguration of Garman Jamia Ahmadia, is actually another fulfillment of the dreams of Hadhrat-e-Aqdus Masih-e-Maud, pbuh,for more and more qualified preachers and missionaries to be prepared and sent to all parts of the world for the spread of Islam-e-Ahmadiat. With these new Jamias in Europe, North America and Ghana, these continents will produce their own preachers and missionaries, themselves, under the direct personal supervision of Hadhrat Khalifatul Masih Al-Khamis, InshaAllah, by the grace of God Almighty.

  4. I remember from my grand mother that once we have very small building in remote village of Sargodha, near Rabwah was our Jamia Ahmadiyya in Ahmadnagar in 1960’s. Where my grandfather moulvi shahzada Khan was a teacher and i never met him as he passed away one year before i was born. Now what we are getting is very beautiful buildings with lot of accessories and a prayer came out of my heart that may Allah Almighty grant acceptance to our these efforts to build big projects like that! Ameen

  5. Masha Allah. Alhamdo Lillah. A Graceful Building with all modern facilitie for our present generation. I am at the last leg of my life now. My late father Maulvi Abdul Aziz Khan(rt) was a friend and class felow of Hazrat Maulvi Abul Ata Sahib Jalundhari(rt). They started learnig their religious lessons in a very humble building of Madarsa Ahmadiyya in Qadian uder the guidance of Hazrat Maulana Sarwar Shah Sahib(ra) and Hazrat Mirza Bashiruddin Mahmud Ahmad Sahib(ra), later on the 2nd Khalfa of Jamaat. Their humble start in Qadian has born fruit in the shape of Jamia Building of Riedtstadt today. May Allah bless our Jamaat with many more such facilities throughout the world! Aamin!

  6. Aslamo-e-Aliakum Wr Wb.

    It is a great achivement as a matter of fact.

    Congratulations to All Ahmadiyya Community Members and German Community. Huzur ABA has talked about it in previous friday sermons and we all can see how delighted (His Holiness) was whilst talking about it.

    MashaAllah and great work done by Ahmadiyya Muslim Association Germany. A lot has been done by every individual and a big credit goes to Abdullah Wagishauser sahib, Ilyas Majoka Sahib and Wasim Ghaffar sahib along with all other members of Ahmadiyya Muslim Community Germany. May all your sacrifices be accepted and May Allah grant you with loads of peace, love.

    I also congratulate members of German Parliment, Council and MP’s that has worked very closely with Jammat e Ahmadiyya Germany. Thank you for your respect towards Ahmadiyya Muslim Association and your courage for peace, prosperity and a good peaceful world we are building together.

    May all our efforts be accepted by Allah the Almighty for what we are doing for a peaceful and Prosperous world. Ameen.

    Wa Alaikum Salam
    Luqman Qadir

  7. Asslam-o-Alikum

    Congrulation! and thanks for Allah Almighty for this great achivement,another great foot for the continuous progree of Great Ahmadiya Community of the world.

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