Tommy Robinsons (EDL) Views on The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community


This is the true and peaceful face of Islam and recognized by the English Defense League (EDL) themselves. These Muslims get persecuted for being how a Muslim should be and for preaching and practicing Islam in the peaceful manner that it should be . I just want people to know that radical, fundamental and terrorist Muslims are not just a bother to Non Muslims but they are just as bad to their own kind if not worse.  I have personally spoken to these people and they are nothing like other Muslims with respect to how they speak, and the respect and sincerity they show for all.

And if any non Ahmadi Muslims visit this site, I wont be surprised at the hate comments from them. Maybe all Muslims should sit down for a minute and think about what Tommy is saying and do their own research rather than listening to the hate filled preachers who preach the hate passed down from their forefathers. THAT’S NOT WHAT ISLAM IS ABOUT.

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