Day: July 18, 2013

Ahmadiyya–Jewish relations

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Mujaheed guilty of war crimes

Source: BD News 24 By Suliman Niloy, Golam Mujtaba Dhrubo, Quazi Shahreen Haq and Kamal Hossain Talukder, Jamaat-e-Islami Secretary General Ali Ahsan Mohammad Mujaheed has been found guilty of five war crimes charges, including mass murder of intellectuals during the 1971 Liberation War. International Crimes Tribunal-2 said although two other incidents […]

Church’s ‘No. 1 Enemy’

Source: Spiegel: He’s loved by his congregation but loathed by the archbishop. Rebellious priest Wojciech Lemanski is seen as the church’s No. 1 enemy in Poland. His dismissal highlights the deep divide between church authorities and the faithful in this staunchly Catholic nation. More: