Day: July 11, 2013

Ramadan Fasting Challenged By Summer Heat

Source: The Huffington Post Salt Lake Tribune  |  By Peggy Fletcher Stack Every day. For a month. From sunup to sundown. No food. No water. No sweat? No, plenty of sweat, especially this year. With Utahns baking under energy-sapping, forehead-dripping, water-chugging temperatures, the state’s Muslims are swearing off that liquid […]

Naat Khawani and Naatiya shayari of Old & New

Source: Naat Khawani and Naatiya shayari are cultural art forms most of us in the Capital would be largely unaware of. While qawwali and Sufi poetry enjoy immense popularity, predominantly because of their renditions in popular films and albums, Naatiya shayari enjoys a more eclectic crowd. Naat is Islamic hymns […]

Roza in Ramadhan

Source: ALTHOUGH ‘Fasting’ and ‘Roza’ are synonymous, there is a gulf of difference between these two. Roza is a Persian word whose equivalent in Arabic is Saum. These two must not be equated with mere abstention from food and drink Al-Siyam (Siyam is the plural of Saum) is something much more […]

Interfaith Dialogue: Part I, Is It Islamic?

Source: | by Dr. Robert D. Crane I.  Introduction Is interfaith dialogue Islamic? Perhaps this is the first question Muslims should ask in the Qatar Foundation’s special Ramadhan series of radio interviews and scholarly follow-ups on the role of comparative religion and interfaith dialogue in the world today. Does the divine […]