In Egypt, nobody can blame you if don’t remember your date’s name


Al Sisi dates, named after the military leader of Mursi’s ouster, on sale at a market in Egypt. (File photo: Reuters)

Every Ramadan, Egyptian date-sellers turn to a prominent entertainment or political figure for some ‘celebrity endorsement’ to help them sell more.

This year, they are capitalizing on recent political upheaval in the country by naming their date brands after political leaders and movements.

For a long time, naming date brands after popular celebrities or politicians has been a popular marketing strategy because of the fruit’s enormous popularity during Ramadan. The daily fast is traditionally broken by eating three dates because it is said that the Prophet Muhammad broke his fast in this way, and during Ramadan date sales soar, with many shops creating special displays of the fruit. Date-sellers can name their dates to make their brand stand out or reflect their own political affiliation.

In the current holy month of Ramadan, the most expensive brand of the fruit is Tamarod (rebellion), named after the grass-roots campaign that led to the ouster of Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi, Asharq al-Awsat newspaper reported on Thursday.

Tamarod costs 16 Egyptian pounds ($2.3) per kilogram, while Tajrod, named after a movement in support of Mursi and his Muslim Brotherhood, is the cheapest date at 9 Egyptian pounds ($1.3) per kilogram. A third date brand, Sisi, takes its name from the army… continue reading at

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