Day: July 5, 2013

Dumped Australian PM opens up on sexism

Source: TOI SYDNEY: Australia’s first female premier Julia Gillard has opened up for the first time on thesexism that plagued her leadership and her famous misogyny speech in her final interviewbefore being ousted. Gillard, an unmarried, atheist lawyer, was dumped as Australia’s prime minister by herruling Labor party last month, almost three years to the day since she toppled Kevin […]

July 4: A Momentous Day for a Great Nation

By Saeed Qureshi Today the American nation is celebrating its 237th independence day.  It was on this momentous day that the Declaration of Independence written by illustrious Thomas Jefferson (later the third president of the USA) was adopted by the Second Continental Congress. As a result, the 13 colonies declared independence from […]

Syria’s Sunni vs. Shia Myth

by Khaled Diab, Journalist A recent poll on Al Jazeera Arabic’s website asked who was responsible for turning the Syrian revolution into a sectarian conflict: the Sunnis or the Shi’a? Around 95% of those who voted blamed the deterioration on the Shi’a. Although this result is shocking in its own […]

And Now Egypt Could Completely Fall Apart…

Business Insider: by Alexander Dziadosz. CAIRO (Reuters) – Some 200,000 people died in a decade of civil war in Algeria after uniformed officers rejected a popular vote for Islamists, an example some in Cairo darkly cite after the army ousted Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood president on Wednesday. While Algeria’s Islamists were […]