Venezuela and Nicaragua make Snowden asylum ‘offers’

Edward Snowden

Source: BBC

The presidents of both Nicaragua and Venezuela have indicated their countries could offer political asylum to US fugitive Edward Snowden.

Venezuela’s Nicolas Maduro said it would give asylum to the intelligence leaker, who is believed to be holed up in a transit area of Moscow airport.

Meanwhile Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega said his country would do so “if circumstances permit”.

Wikileaks said Mr Snowden had applied to six additional countries on Friday.

The whistleblowing website said it would not name the countries “due to attempted US interference”.

Mr Snowden has already asked 21 countries for asylum, most of whom have turned down his request.

President Maduro made his announcement in a speech on Venezuela’s Independence Day.

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1 reply

  1. Quite auspicious!Good news indeed.
    Lets see how fake Noble Laureate responds!

    This man must be nominated for Noble Laureate if Norwegians have to restore the reputation and credibility of not only the prize but also of their own.

    Mr. Edward Snowden is struggling for basic human rights and freedom against an extremely formidable enemy.

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